27.4. Shiraz Lane + Jari Tiura

Ovet auki 21.00

Ovet kiinni 05.00



Shiraz Lane's debut album For Crying Out Loud was released worldwide in April 2016, and it was a success story from the beginning, achieving for example 6/7 stars in Metal Hammer Germany and a lot of praise by the biggest Finnish music magazine Soundi!
The young rockers spent the whole Summer playing festivals and packed their gear for a 2 months long European tour with Lordi in Fall 2016, before heading to their 1st headliner tour in February 2017 in Spain.

Finnish hard rock voice JARI TIURA is no stranger to the scene. His work with MICHAEL SCHENKER (2005-2006) at the latest made him a name or his more recent collaboration with STARGAZERY. Putting out “King Of Lions“, his first ever solo effort consisting of emotional and mostly classic rock based songs, made a dream come true. A little bit of blues here and there (“Blue Sky Lightning“) and a more or less constant melancholic flavor in for example “Lion Of Judah“ add interesting layers to the overall sound. JARI TIURA, what a voice! Let alone “Away From All The Magic And Wonder“ or “Dreamchaser“ shine and be proof of the sheer quality of the material



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